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Thread: Needing advice.

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    Default Needing advice.

    I am wondering how many cameras you all have?
    If I buy one more camera, would i be having too many?
    Currently i have F31fd and FZ18, but I think I want even better camera for quality photo.
    I know some will say "man behind the camera matters most", but thats not my point here.
    I am more concerned about $ infact.

    If say i wanna get DSLR (finally!), which one would you recommend?
    I am looking at value for money but still not over $2000.
    My ideal is $1000-1500 (the lower the better for my pocket, but not too lousy).
    I dun need zoom lens yet, but i need something that can shoot landscapes, events and portraits.
    If I want to shoot bokeh portraits, do i need to buy another lens instead of using the one that comes with the camera?
    I am also concerned about iso noise for low-lighting shooting.
    Extra points if it can shoot nice infrared photo like my F31fd.

    Btw, should i buy second-hand or buy from BEST/Harvey Norman with 3 years warranty?
    Or why i should buy from retailers like MSColour, CP, AP, etc?
    If i go to retailers, which other shops I should visit apart from the 3 listed above?

    I would really appreciate your kind advice.

    Mod - I just posted a similar thread in Newbie Corner... you may del this thread if u see fit. Thanks.
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