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Thread: Network connection via router

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    Default Network connection via router

    A question to the network experts here.

    I did some speedtest and noticed that my connection speed is reduced by approximately half if I connect to the Internet via router (wired) as compared to connecting directly to the Cable modem.

    Is the results supposed to be so drastic?

    Here the result - bypassing router.

    Via wired router

    Any advise? Thank you.

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    Default Re: Network connection via router

    okie, firewall - either your router not set properly or your pc not set properly

    you can try putting your system in DMZ on the router, if its same result as above, probably your router need a new firmware upgrade or change of cable... (i doubt its cable, but sometimes it is.)
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    Default Re: Network connection via router

    Thanks Del_CtrlnoAlt. I will check the settings.


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