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    hi, im a newbie, comments and critique will be mush appreciated

    erm, i find this pict a bit dead, any advices on that?
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    good exposure and i see you are trying out the starburst effect with small apertures.. probably long exposure too? too lazy to look at exif.

    work on the composition - here the elements are arranged haphazardly for so many of them.. there is no real thing to focus on in the photograph other than that hugest starburst.. which is far too centrally placed to grab hold of the viewer's attention.

    this is something which will be good to read.. just use it as a guide, and shoot more, and in no time you won't really need to think about composition, it will come naturally

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    learning to use long exposures ya ? .. =)
    nice effort. Sharp..glad that you got yourself a tripod. Nice stardust effect.

    alright here's how I see it ..
    Long exposures are fun to day, we see traffic trails ...however besides that your photo also needs to have a "primary" subject. The primary "subject" has to be something interesting and catches the viewers attention the moment he/she looks at it. In your case, the wow factor seems to be the biggest light burst. Which is alright but it lacks the "interesting" factor.

    What you may do at that point to make a montonous subjects interesting could be to find a frame for it, or having a contrasting secondary subject in relation to it.

    It maybe difficult sometimes because nothing arounds you make interest you at that point of time. That's when you can stick to the basic guidelines e.g rules of a third, framing, lines and patterns, other refreshing angle ( e.g top down or bottoms up ), colors or differential focusing.

    There's nothing wrong with your photo but there's nothing "wow" abt it either. Sticking to some basic fundementals may draw more interest.

    my crappy two cents worth of comments .. =(

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    thanks alot, i understand what you guys mean. thanks again (:

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    Are you focusing on the light?


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