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    Just got myself a new Acer Notebook.

    Anyone know of any good accessories to buy for notebooks?

    I'm definitely going to buy a notebook cable lock. Any recommendations? I heard Targus and Kensington are good. Any shops with reasonable prices to recommend me.


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    i use a laptop for work and at home so i have two power cables one at home and one at work so i dun have to bring it with me all the time. i also have a mouse at each location and didn't bother buying those "mini mouse" to carry around to use when i'm not at either location.

    a usb hub may be good too, i have one at work so that when i slot my notebook in the port replicator i just turn on and go, no need to plug other things in.

    recently i've acquired a 10gb wallet sized hard drive that plugs into USB for handy transportation of large files that are too inconvenient to burn on CD... i've started to store my photos there too, instead of on my laptop's hardrive, which is running out. of course, i keep a CD back-up of all my photos.


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