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Thread: Save me, please

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    Default Save me, please

    Save me from drowning in the depths of this unkind world

    Chek Jawa boardwalk, Ubin.

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    Default Re: Save me, please

    ok .... I will save you.... but I am not a good swimmer as well ... shall wait for the pros ... hehe ..

    this picture looks like stilllife ...abstract. I am not sure if your theme is effective. I think you stick to the third rule too much ... I need to stare at it for awhile to understand whether it's a railing or something else ... hehe

    I think what I would do is move the railing in wards abit more but leave it ending at the corner where it currently ends. We see more of the railing, jailing the seawater. I would also shift the main subject down to the lower third instead of the middle third.

    But I like your colors. =)

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    Default Re: Save me, please

    good placement of subject

    BUT, bad angle of subject

    i like the background, but the angle chosen here for the lifesaver is undoubtedly awkward

    as to how to improve this, i guess there is no real choice, you have to keep the idea in mind and wait for a lifesaver at a better angle with similar background.. unless you are crazy enough to mess around with the lifesaver.. which is fine if there is freedom of movement and you do not spoil anything. otherwise..

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    Default Re: Save me, please

    i like your caption "save me from drowning... in this unkind world."
    nice orange buoy contrast with emerald relective waters...

    kind of reminds me of the thai movie Invisible Waves when i saw your pic + caption.

    hmm... "to save yourself, you have to know when you're drowning."


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