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Thread: Taking pictures of shiny objects

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    Question Taking pictures of shiny objects

    I'm trying to take a picture of this chrome object which is hemispherical. But the problem I encounter is that no matter where I stand, I can see my own reflection! Is there anything I can do to take a picture of a shiny object face-on without getting my own reflection in?

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    1 method is to cover the surrounding area with white cloth leaving an area for your lens to shoot your subject...

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    If your reflection appears small on the object, can use clone tool in PS to erase it.

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    try polarise

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    or use telephoto lens so that u can stand further away

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    Originally posted by clive
    try polarise
    polarisers doesn't not work in this case. it's like trying to remove your reflection in a mirror.

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    uh, other than PSing or using a powerful telephoto lens...
    any other solutions?
    It's like if you want to take a detail on a shiny surface, how'd you go about it without ending up with your own reflection?

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    polarizers do not work on metallic surfaces....
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    Try spraying a layer of dulling spray onto the surface, it will reduce the reflectiveness of the material. Available at CP.

    Alternatively, use the tenting method suggested by aesthetic. Building a dome or cube with clothes, tracing paper around the object, leaving only a small hole for your lens to shoot thru.

    If got money, buy the Redwing Cocoon or Cocoon 80S, essentially the same principle as Tenting. But only recommended for small objects. Drop by Ruby and see how it looks like.


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