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Thread: Beware ****.com - Rant

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    Beware ****.com - Rant:

    Anyone else kena? I received a couple of thank you for signing up type of emails, but didn't think much of it because I thought it was spam. Then imagine to my surprise I find this...


    Ripped off my writeup, my contacts (used the wrong email) and one of the example "Before" photos from my site without credit to the photographer also... and worst of all, make it look like I'm the one who posted the ad. And to top it off, made a grammatical mistake in the title.

    Edit: Tried calling but no one pick up the phone (not surprising since it's Good Friday I guess), but evidently they are very quick to remove the ad once I emailed them.
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    dun get u.

    what website was that?

    u shud maybe space out the spelling for us to read.
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    Oh sorry, hadn't realised it would change it to asterisks.

    The asterisks are supposed to be 8 8 d b.

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    What's the motive?

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    I also don't know what motive. Make it look like they got more users?


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