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    Question Choosing filters

    Hey all. would like to know which filter to buy to snap sunset, waterfall and landscape.
    just wondering if HOYA ND4 or ND8 can do the job ... thanks ...

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    If you are talkin about sunrise, the filter u probably be needing is a Graduated Neutral Density filter. You can have a quick read from here, and an article written by John Shaw here. Of course not asking to make any purchases. There are other brands available

    As for waterfall, the ND4/8 .. will help to give that silky appearance by reducing the number of stops and increasing the time needed for exposure


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    Hi Ryan ... thanks for the link. M managed to find this from B+W.

    click here

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    i think a circular polariser will be useful for your landscape and waterfall shots also.

    it can increase the colour saturation of your landscape shots and reduce unwanted reflections of your waterfall shots if used correctly.
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