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Thread: Back Alley of Clarke Quay

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    Default Back Alley of Clarke Quay

    Image taken by the CBD area. Need some feedback on the lighting itself. Or should i convert it to monochrome to portray the 'old' feeling of the aircon?
    Exposure Time = 1/160"
    F Number = F8
    Exposure Bias Value = +0.33EV
    Focal Length = 18mm
    Focal Length In 35mm Film = 27mm
    Contrast = Soft
    Saturation = High saturation
    Sharpness = Normal

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    Default Re: Back Alley of Clarke Quay

    the slant didnt work. the lighting is hard to control becos a flash will not light up the air cons. i believe your important subjects in this picture isn't merely the air cons??! the alley and the man tells alot of age and time.

    Wait till the sun is at an angle to the air con which creates shadow and contrast within the alley. timings like morning 8-10am or evening 4-6pm light might help

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    I think it may be better if you have shifted more to the right, that may also help reduce the slant of the OCBC Building. Definitely will eliminate the chunky aircon and vent that is now a major distraction on the left of the photo.

    Oh, by the way, this is Boat Quay.


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