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    Hey..I tried HDR again and this time I took the pic at Little India. I adjusted the exposure using photomatix. Please comment on the pic in terms of composition(are there too many details in the pictures?") and the hdr overall image. Thanks.

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    nice clouds.

    although i feel the whole picture is abit underexposed?

    and u should probably crop out the leaves on the right side of the frame..
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    compositionally i think it's generally too cluttered with many elements..

    the hdr somehow looks weird to me.. i dunno what's wrong exactly (looks fake? dunno).. maybe night86mare bro can shed some light on it.. =)

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    1. the buildings exposure is not consistent, the cloud looks flat.

    2. In this composition, firstly the slanted pole leads me to the sky and the alley does not shows any interest.

    3. Tip of the roof and some leaves at both sides a bit distracting. And there is a bit of lens distortion.

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    Can't help you much in the DR of this image but like what reaper had pointed out, exposure is under. Can I also point out that you should at least clean up your image prior to posting.
    By including the branch of leaves on the upper right hand side and the bit of roof on the upper left hand side, it leave the viewers to conclude that you're a sloppy photographer.
    And not to mention that cut off seat of the motor cycle on the bottom left hand side.
    Compositionally, by inclining to show the street light, you were compelled to show more of the sky. The color mixtures and tones of the alley would had been a more preferred choice to show to the audience rather than the sky. Sometimes it is good to take a stroll around the scene a few times before choosing on the best viewpoint
    Overall, a ok shot but nothing spectacular.
    A image that really doesn't spark much interest, despite its potential.

    Hope you don't mind me mucking around with your image.
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    There is a sense of quietude about the photo, as seen in the absence of human activity in the scene, the serene clouds above, and the taller office buildings in the distant background which suggest a the hustle and bustle of city life which has, at least for now, taken a breather in this alleyway in Little India.

    I agree with the previous posts that the composition is too cluttered. I would suggest cropping away the distracting elements (lamp post, leaves, roof eave, motorbike), and give a bit more contrast in the pic so that the colours are punchier and image looks more 3-d. There is a nice mixture of colours in the photo, both in the sky above as well as the buildings lining the alleyway, combined with the little details in the photo, should effectively lead the viewer into the scene and provide several "resting points" for the viewer's gaze.

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    Thanks for the advice..It's ok to use my image for comments...Thanks so that i can learn more!!! haha..


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