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Thread: Warm up for D80 ?

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    Default Warm up for D80 ?

    hello all,

    recently bought a D80 and tamron 70-300 from lord's. noticed something wrong with my cam, it has a "warm up" time. everytime i switch on the camera, i'll have to wait for about a min or so before i can start shooting on the 70-300.

    i found out that i can skip this "warm up" time if i unscrew the 70-300 and screw it back again. this "warm up" happens sometimes only.

    is there something wrong with the lens ? or is it the D80? thx for any help!!

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    Default Re: Warm up for D80 ?

    Such a thing never happend to me. NEVER. Is yrs a grey product?

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    Default Re: Warm up for D80 ?

    yeah. i've never heard of sthin liddat before.

    better go get it checked at NSC.

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    Not necessarily the D80 itself, it could be ur lens that is having problem as well. You can test it out with a diff lens if you have one.

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    Default Re: Warm up for D80 ?

    The startup for the D80 shoul be fast.
    Wat happens during the warm up time ? the lcd on the camera blanks? battery blinks ?

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    It is something that is totally unacceptable no matter what DSLR you are using. As mentioned, you should check with other lens to confirm, then send to NSC.
    Good luck.

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    hmm shouldnt be grey set, is with warranty everything. don't have other lens too, been wanting to get tamron 17-50mm for sometime but 2months out of stock now. ><

    when i half press the lens just refuse to focus. and the LCD doesn't display AF-S/AF-A/AF-C. also the part where the LCD usually display shutter speed says "Lo", even when im pointing at bright sources.

    should i bring it to lord's show the salesman hmm

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    Should quickly bring to Lord's. At least they have another lens, another D80 to isolate the problem.


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