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Thread: Some problems with Sandisk Extreme 3 CF card

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    Default Some problems with Sandisk Extreme 3 CF card

    Hi, i got a friend who is using the Sandisk Extreme III 2gb on a Canon 40D and recently there is a problem with his card. Once every 200plus or so shots there will be a error 99 on the cam and the transfer rate from CF card to computer using a external card reader is slow, even though the transfer is done on USB2.0 and the transfer rate his other Extreme III 2 gb is faster in comparison given the same amount of data size. At first he thought the 40D is faulty, but Canon service centre has confirmed that there is no problem with the cam.

    Problem is my friend had lost the receipt and box, which i think is required for warranty. What should he do now, other than to buy a new card? Still bring the card for servicing with just the card, or loan a receipt and box from any kind forumer here?

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    Default Re: Some problems with Sandisk Extreme 3 CF card

    Its lifetime limited warranty right? Just bring down to the Sandisk agent. I dont think a receipt is needed. Best to call them to confirm 1st though.


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