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    Question Deer

    This is my first try at the zoo with Nikon D50.
    I want to futher improve on my skills.

    I will like feedback on the composition and the lightings.
    I want viewers to feel like i've captured the moment as in, the "shock" in the animals.
    Is the lighting strong enough?
    Is the focus enough?
    What is bad about the picture?
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    please include a proper writeup for the picture as per guidelines

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    Sorry edit now.

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    very nice watermark you have, i like it

    nonetheless, the image is cluttered, and here the subject is too centralised for my liking. being at the center of clutter is usually not very flattering for any subject.

    the expression is good, and i guess it is not really fair to fault the extra oof leaf right in front of the deer neck. there is potential in this image, especially with the nice patch of oof leaves which *can* provide a sort of frame for your subject.. but the in focus rubbish on the right of the photograph are immensely distracting. i was thinking 4:3 crop but i guess square crop will have to do, 4:3 does not get rid of all of them.

    something like this:

    i have also done a sepia-ed version with vignetting and use of the blurring tool

    do let me know if you want me to take it down, cheers.

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    Thanks alot. i think a square crop really looks better than a full size image and the sepia version has another perspective of the whole idea.
    i sort of panicked when taking as i was afraid the deer would run away. hahaha.

    BTW, i really like your pictures alot.
    It shows me senerity and calmness. Really GOOD!
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    i find the off focus foreground slightly too distracting and "bright" to serve as a good frame (if it was intended that way).. regardless of square crop or no crop..

    nonetheless.. i like the capture.. the square crop did well to re-compose the picture as well.. =)

    p.s. the sepia version did give another dimension of looking at the picture.. but i personally prefer it in colour.. the colours of the deer and leaves are appealing and complementary..


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