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    Before you hit the paddle to burn some fossil fuel which is escalating in price yet again and contributing a bit of your share of pollution and noise to this beautiful island, stop and think.

    What do you need?
    A big kite on wheels.

    And what we have in plenty in this beautiful island?

    Cool! Now just imagine you sailing from Ang Mo Kio to Toa Payoh in this contraption with a lungful of fresh air and warm morning sun beating down your face.

    Isn't it heavenly?

    If you want to sweat a little bit just add a pair of foot paddles on the Wind Machine.

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    too many buildings blocking the wind
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    Quote Originally Posted by dr34mc4st3r View Post
    too many buildings blocking the wind
    suay if u keep getting wind from wrong direction...
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    I think the wind situation in Singapore is sporadic - on, off, on, off. Your vehicle will experience a fair bit of stop starts at the ground level :P

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    and how much are you going to pay for COE for this thing? not to mention parking, ERP
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