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Thread: Sigma 500mm F/7.2

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    Default Sigma 500mm F/7.2

    Will you pay SGD500 for a sigma 500mm f/7.2 lens?

    I believe it looks like this:

    Haven't actually viewed the lens - but I'm told
    "The lens has no scratches on the front or rear elements. There are however a number of cosmetic scuff marks to the rubberised barrel of the lens, these are not deep and in virtually cases they are not through the rubber exterior."

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    good condition or not, $500 is quite a bit of $$$.

    also, f7.2 is very slow.

    also, the technology seems very old.

    should ve better alternatives available.

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    Default Re: Sigma 500mm F/7.2

    No, got a 400mm f5.6 for my Canon, quality wise cannot make it (lens fogged, cannot AF, rubber coating melted etc). Had since lost faith in Sigma for Canon's mount...
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    Default Re: Sigma 500mm F/7.2

    Had to becareful for old sigma lens.

    My old Sigma MF400mm f5.6 have the same problem with melted rubber coating although i kept in dry cabin.

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    Default Re: Sigma 500mm F/7.2

    Just a precautionary note...since the lens max aperture is f/7.2....may not be able to AF on non 1-series Canon EOS bodies. (which can only AF up to effective aperture of f/5.6).

    Also, as some of the previous posters pointed out, f/7.2 is pretty slow unless the lens is ultilized in very good lighting conditions.

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    Thanks for the comments guys.

    I'll be using it on a Nikon body though - it supposedly does AF on a D100, albeit slow... It might still beat the 500mm F/8 catadioptric (mirror) one I'm using at the moment though (which is manual... )


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