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Thread: Unofficial Photographers.

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    Originally posted by espn
    Agreed!!! Horrible... I look like I was taking voyueristic shots then group shots!

    Btw me also same size as Larry, how come the unofficial ones no give way?
    must appear very proprietary. like that, they'd think twice

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    Originally posted by ThePractise
    2 methods to tell ppl who's the big size here, hehe

    method 1:
    1 x D1x
    1 x F5
    1 x AFS 28-70 with a big Nikon sticker on hood
    1x AFS 80-200 with a big Nikon sticker on hood also
    2 x SB 80 flash
    1 x XL Nikon vest

    method 2:
    1 x eos 1Ds
    1 x eos 1v
    1x EF 24-70L with a big Canon sticker on hood
    1 x EF 70-200L with a big Canon sticker on hood also
    2 x 550ex flash
    1 x XL Canon vest

    method 3:
    Use the mouth that mother nature has given you..

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    Originally posted by lavenderlilz
    Totally agree! In fact actual day wedding photographers should "warn" their customers of this problem. then it would be up to the couple to tell their friends if they want their paid photographer to get it right.
    Right, this is what i normally practise nowadays. I will tell the couples of how "dangerours" those unofficial photographer can be before any mis-understanding occurs. Gotto play safe first.

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    Yup I experienced that too when I go on wedding assignments...

    Usually if you ask the couple to remind their friends not to get in your way, it's no use... they end up forgetting about it as it's their big day...

    So I always tap gently on the "blockades" shoulders and ask them to step aside...

    But then if you big sized like me, it helps a bit lah... when people see a big man holding a big camera, he/she will "siam" automatically...

    (also, only I block them not they block me)

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    Originally posted by StreetShooter
    I think one big problem with having more than one photographer, especially for those "after-the-service" posed group shots is that when everyone gets into the action, the people in the photo don't know who to look at. So when the picture comes back, you've got a bunch of people all looking in different directions. Rather horrible. Trust me, I know.
    Use what I notice few people use: Command voice.

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    At public events, what most press and "official" photographers do is simply push your way in front of the unofficial ones. ^^

    While I haven't been shooting a lot of public events, what I noticed is official photographers are usually a familiar bunch, so they give way to one another when they finish shooting from a particular angle.

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    if u r the official photog then just elbow out the other shooters

    its the same idea when covering events. bring a big wolfpack and use group strebgth to elbow out the others

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    again today i met an unofficial photographer that nearly mess my work up during a wedding shootout. was in the middle of the church ceremony when this lady photographer with a manual outfit system suddenly appeared in the church and running around snapping whenever she can came across. she positioned opposite me most of the time and i have to get her out of the frame most of my shot. wave and signal her to stand a side or come over my position but she ignore. end of the ceremony then realise that she was a friend of the bride. just helping out. most of the time she acted like an indian chief, wanted the couple to pose here and there for photo shoot. and come over to ask me why i did not take that particular shoot la, why i didn't bother to take them out for some garden shoot-out la, why i arranged the chairs in this manner for the tea ceremony and not the other way la.....bah...bah...bah...... really realy get pissed off!
    the only thing i can do is just ignore her and concentrate on the wedding.
    wedding work is getting more and more difficult nowadays with all this pest around.

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    Hi Guys,

    I have shot a few wedding as the unofficial photographer. I make it a point to talk to official photographer first and explain to him that he will always get the first shot and the best position. I tend to focus on other aspects of the wedding. I usu assume a 90 degree angle to the official photographer.

    I agree most unofficial photographers don't know how to get out of the frame and block the best positions. ! sigh.

    See some I have done here ->

    OT : But I'm in need to wedding photographers on wedding day. Evaluating a few. PLs let me know if u are interested.
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