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Thread: Open House type Sale - Would you come?

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    Default Open House type Sale - Would you come?

    Hey guys.. I am moving home to Canada in about 5 weeeks time... As such there are quite a number of things I want to sell off. What I was thinking of doing, to reduce running around was to have a sorta of open house on a weekend. Invite people over to view/test items and buy... Most things will be non-photography related

    5 Disc DVD - Surround Sound Unit Panasonic SC-DK10
    IBM Thinkpad
    Assorted computer parts (case, mobo, vid card, network cards etc)
    Assorted household appliances (vacuum, coffee maker, blender, juicer etc)
    and more I am sure...

    The reason for the post is to ask if people would actually come to buy, or would people prefer seperate posts for each item? Last up where else would people recommend I advertise these type of items? Clubsnap may not be the best place as most items will be not photographic.

    Cheers all and appreciate and feedback!


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    best bet is to advertise on Straits Times Classifieds or post at Cold Storage.

    While we are at it, I am interested in the dvd player, blender, IBM Think pad...

    I just moved to a new place, having got married recently. Please call me at 97558565. Thanks!



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