One of key reason that LTA has such stupid actions is there are not doing their job as LTA [Land Transport Authority], they are still behave like and act like ROV.

When ROV changed name to LTA, the bad culture of ROV should be washed away and changed to Land Tpt, but they did not.

What is the different of A proper LTA and vs ROV.

First if it is a true LTA, then it has interest to ensure FULL TPT services needs are met, the tpt needs are from pedestrians, car, taxi, bus, train, ferry, air-port link etc.

How do u check they do have Land Tpt culture or ROV culture?

Just use simple two examples:

a) Our Bus Interchange is still NAME AS Bus Interchage
If LTA has tpt culture then this should re-name to Transport Interchange.
A bus interchange only focus on bus to bus change that's all.
>>> Try to get out of one bus, then try to see is there any CLEAR sign to tell u how to get to the taxi stand or proper sign to tell you where to head exit

A tpt interchange will have proper full integrate design to integrate all modes of tpt needs. Be it pedestrian, car, taxt or even airport/ferry link.

Till LTA is behave like a proper LTA, Land Tpt Authority, they will continue to act like ROV.
As ROV, their culture is to book taxi drivers, to sumon cars driver and so on, they do not have proper culture to design full tpt needs.

Any comments ?