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    There seems to be a big difference between how my Photoshop CS2 views an identical jpg file compared to Windows Fax and Picture Viewer, browsers, etc. An example can be seen in the attached pic. On the left is the pic as seen in my photoshop. On the right is the pic as seen by other image viewers (including those by other people).

    Some setting's gone awry with my photoshop again, and I'm not sure which it is. Does anyone have an idea of what that might be? I shoot in AdobeRGB, and process in AdobeRGB. sRGB does not seem to improve the situation

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    hi, check your soft proof option in photoshop. make sure it's on 'monitor rgb' if you are priming the image for monitor viewing. that way your image will look the same in and out of photoshop.
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    That just has to be the most direct and effective solution! Thanks! I've been preparing them for print, so I did not think in terms of soft proof options. haha

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    do your prints come close to matching your screen?


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