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Thread: tlr: the older the better???

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    Default tlr: the older the better???

    hihi! recently read up quite a bit on TLR camera, had been reading past post from here and elsewhere and seemed that many kinda this camera dated back to the sixites and seventies...
    are these camera "workable" after such long years???
    from the posts, it sure seemed like wine...

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    The older the better? Not true. The really old ones do not have lens coating. Flare galore. Unless you like them as a permanent feature.

    The newer the condition? The better, although not always true.

    The least abused, the best.

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    Generally agree with ToMyself - the least abused, the best.

    You still have to look at it carefully just as you buy any 2nd hand camera. Better still to ask for a cash back guarantee if possible.

    I have seen a couple of TLRs in very nice condition but the viewing and taking lens alignment are out.

    My TLRs are from the 60s and 70s and they are still working fine.


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