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Thread: indoor flash shooting problems

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    Default indoor flash shooting problems

    hi guys,

    some indoor flash shooting problems, hope you can enlighten me, thanks.

    cam : fuji s3pro
    lens : nikon 18-55mm kit lens
    flash : sb-600

    scenario 1 setting :
    indoor shooting
    iso 200
    A mode
    with flash on
    viewfinder reading : 60, 3.5, ev -1

    scenario 2 setting :
    indoor shooting
    iso 200
    A mode
    with flash off
    viewfinder reading : 8, 3.5, ev 0

    questions :
    1. in scenario 1, the ev -1 does it means i need to change the iso higher to say 400 or 800 to get correct exposure? but if i don, what will happen?

    2. i notice that the speed at wide open (f/3.5) is always 60. does it means its the limit at A mode? if i want to use slower speed, i must use S or M mode?

    thank you for your time.

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    Default Re: indoor flash shooting problems

    1. The ev-1 is telling you the actual metering of the subject is under one stop with the present shutter speed 60 and apeture 3.5 . No need to do any adjustment .Take the shot with flash and it will exp. correctly.

    2. 60 is the default syn speed when flash is turn on,yes you may use S or M mode to get the correct EV
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    Default Re: indoor flash shooting problems

    #1, the meter telling you the ambient is one stop under, but since you are using flash as main light source, shoot at it is, the subject is proper exposed and ambient is one stop underexpose.

    #2, that's default flash sync speed, you should able to over right it with custom setting or set to manual mode, shutter priority mode to use a lower shutter speed. else go to a place with brighter ambient light.
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    Default Re: indoor flash shooting problems

    thanks guys for your prompt comments. confirmed my guess correct. but i jus wonder why the cam limit it to 1/60 shutter speed when using A mode at aperture wide opened. i checked d40 also the same case.


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