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    Red face Re: Walk about

    i like the #3 - flower picture.
    so perfect and yet has a rugged, messy look to it.
    looking forward to more of your shots!

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    Default Re: Walk about

    Wah i LIKE #1 & #2 very cool!

    Looks like the alleyway behind the shophouses of boatquay.

    #3 is abit funny IMO though, the flower "sticking" out of the ground. it looks like it has shot out from the ground. instead of dropped/landed there

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    Wouldn't 1 & 2 be better posted under "Street & Candids"?

    Pic 1 has potential except for the distracting Union gas signs. The stone bollard is a distracting element.
    Pic 2 it isn't very clear what the focus is supposed to be - the 7-eleven sign, the gate or the window. Plus the pipe is a distraction and I think you should have cropped out the air-con support at the very top.

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    Pic 1: I love the way there is added texture to the walls at the top right side of the photo through the natural lighting.

    Pic 2: Nice graffiti at the bottom left, but maybe should have been left out, depending on the message you want. and the pipe at the top too. my guess is that it would have more impact with just the sign, the door and the window.

    Great pictures

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    Ha , IsenGrim yes it's the backalley of boat quay. That's very sharp of you. Thank you for your comments, yeah i realise that three is rather odd but i like the colours so i just posted it up.

    Thanks creampuffi i'll take note of your comments (:

    Thank you Misterthomas!.


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