Hi all, I'm planning a trip there for birding. Would appreciate very much your recent experience regarding following stuffs:
* I plan to drive from Johor up to Kota Tinggi and use the J171 to enter the forest. Can anyone tell how far is it from the end of the J171 to the observation tower or the bunker trail? Some say most birds can be found at Bunker Trail. How long is that trail? Can I drive in all the way long?
* What's the best time of the day to encounter birds? Maybe early morning up to 10:00am and afternoon from 3:00pm or something like that?
* Some reports that cars being broken in although they were no more than 100m away from their parking cars on Bunker Trail. Can u guys confirm that? Is it safer if a car has Malaysian registration plate instead of S'pore one?
Appreciate your input!
Happy Shooting...