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    hallo...i'm attending a mosaic fest concert tonight at the Esplanade concert hall. has anybody attended any of this year's shows? are we allowed to take photos? the ushers last year were a pain, they kept tapping us on the shoulder reminding us not to take photos...but i was looking at a couple of ppl's blogs who attended the broken social scene & the bird and the bee concerts recently, and they posted some fab pictures.

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    I was at the Broken Social Scene show without my camera and enjoyed it immensely. It was mindblowing!
    Seems like PnS is alright. People now shoot with HPs anyways.

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    thanks...think i'll bring the PnS today

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    Lots of SLR users. I was there too. Pictures are not ready. It seems this year they're way more lenient.

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    i saw a couple of peeps with their SLRs too! doh!!!
    yeah it's so much more lenient this year...the ushers said it was alright to take pictures but not videos! guess they gave up controlling the crowd coz it's useless to do so!! ppl will whip out their hps anyway! haha
    would love to see ur pics! most of mine turned out blurry coz i was too engrossed jumping up and down! *sheepish grin*


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