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Thread: Knowledge Bowl - Digital Compact Camera Photography Course (April Intake)

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    Default Knowledge Bowl - Digital Compact Camera Photography Course (April Intake)

    Digital Compact Camera Photography Course (Basic level)

    Commencing: 5th April 2008, Saturday
    Time: 1.00pm to 3.00pm
    Course Fee: S$120, 6 lessons, once a week, 2 hours per session
    Instructors: Edward Cheong and Steven Yee
    Location: 190 Middle Road #04-28 Fortune Centre S (188979)

    Course Outline:

    Lesson 1: Introduction to Photography Basics

    Aperture Shutter Speed
    Types of Cards
    Digital workflow (The hardware and software)

    Lesson 2: Techniques

    Apply the different techniques such as framing etc with your digital compact camera
    Flash photography

    Lesson 3: Practical

    Day Practical session

    Lesson 4: Practical

    Night Practical session

    Lesson 5: Digital Enhancement

    Use of Photoshop software for basic enhancement

    Lesson 6: Conclusion

    Students to present and critique on the practical lessons.

    Harness the power of digital photography with your digital compact camera. Learn to take better pictures be it for travel, house gathering or leisure

    If you are keen to join the class, please email to with your name and contact no. to register!
    Photography, A Hobby for Life
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    Default Re: Knowledge Bowl - Digital Compact Camera Photography Course (April Intake)

    Are all the class on weekends,what if i got army or oversea work during
    that week?Will there be make out classes?


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