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Thread: Is photography for the rich and the old?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kcuf2 View Post
    > 30yrs = old
    oh no... I'm old

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    Quote Originally Posted by denniskee View Post
    like my previous post, anything wrong for those who dont know much about photography but buy the best eqpt since they can well afford to?

    why ladies buy diamonds, man and ladies buy 4-5 figures watches, why people buy exotic cars, why people buy big houses, why people buy high end computer, etc when they hardly use the full capabilities of those stuff?

    some ladies only wears their diamonds on few occasions in a year,
    rolax can go deep dive 200m, but do their owners do it?
    exotic cars goes from 0-100km/hr in sub 5sec and top speed of beyond 250km/hr, but do their drive that fast?
    how many hour does a person stay in the house per day? 8+hrs at work, 1+hr on travel, 3-4hr enjoy entertaining customers?
    using high end computer to surf net, use ms words / excel, play games, but a good old p3 / p4 can also do that, give and take 1-2sec slower when running afew softwares all at the same time.

    to TS, my friend, what ever makes you happy.

    I think you haven't gasp the main point here.
    Remember that Photography is about seeing the world in a different persepctive,and was never about having the lastest camera or lenses to begin with?
    How is it about the best lens,best body or best filter?
    Does having bought a Top of the line model makes you Professional photographer?

    Sugery can cure ugliness but not air heads.
    Likewise Better pictures can only come about with constant practice and determination.
    You have sidetracked but you have your point although you failed to rectify what the TS is seeking.

    "Is photography for the Rich and young?"
    In response,I can list a few just to counterslam the TS's mentality.

    "Is driving for the Rich"?[The cost of a car ranges from 40k- few millions]
    "Is flying for the rich?"[you could get competitive prices from airlines or heck,a spaceshuttle to bring you to the otherside of the globe if you are willing to pay]

    One would think that having aquired the collections of lenses and expensive model would literally put them on par with professional photographer in terms of skills.
    And which i'm not sorry to say that good equiments does not give you good compositions or the kack for that golden moment.

    And this brings us back to what some have mentioned.
    Is the TS concern about having the best equiments in the current market or that he simply wants to learn to take good photography.
    Wai leong made an excellent point.

    Quote Originally Posted by waileong View Post
    Do you really want to learn?

    You can learn more from a $100 manual film SLR and a $100 50/1.4 manual lens than you can learn from a $8000 Canon 1DS Mark III...

    Or are you just envying those with bigger cameras?
    With a manual flim SLR,you'll appreciate the cost of flim and therefore,be more consious of framing[compositions/lightings/set up] your shoot before you hit the shutter.

    Well denis,there is nothing wrong with people owning expensive models even for newbie since the money is theirs.
    However,do know that there is no correlations between the learning curves and equiment and neither is there any between EXPENSIVE equiments and photography.
    For those who insist there is,they're under the IT freaks and not photographers.

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    Default Re: Is photography for the rich and the old?

    Quote Originally Posted by kcuf2 View Post
    > 30yrs = old

    Rich = can buy D3, 1d mkiii without the need for thinking.

    More rich = buy 500mm f4, 600mm f4 without the need for thinking, just whack and go.

    in this forum, i know one gal who belongs to the rich category and there are a couple of guys in the more rich category sad that i'm class under old and poor.......

    Worst still, my photo is still so lousy........

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