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Thread: To get new camera body or not?

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    Unhappy To get new camera body or not?

    Hey guys, need to seek some opinions from you all.

    Ok, all the while, i have been using my EOS 88 SLR camera which I bought it for my studies around 3 years ago. Have been using my camera regulary and I like the camera, its light and value for money.

    Wanted to buy a new wide-angle lens and a speedlite to expand the ability of my SLR. But people around me has been telling me to change my camera body to something better.

    Now I am wondering what have I been missing out while using my current SLR? How different will the performance be if lets say comparing to the EOS 30?

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    EOS 30 wont feel different from EOS88

    get EOS 3 for a real difference for life

    adding better lens/more flash to EOS88 is like training biceps and quadriceps while refusing to do abs+back+obliques

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    Originally posted by clive
    EOS 30 wont feel different from EOS88


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    Maybe you can ask Adam Goi abt it. I know he was using the EOS88 b4 and switch to the EOS30. Maybe he can give you a better views.

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    My suggestion is that you continue to use the current body until you really feel that you are limited by it. If you don't know what you are missing, you are not missing anything yet.

    For new lens and other accessories, it would be good to get something that will continue to work with higher end bodies should you choose to upgrade later.
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    I'm a user of a very old camera body.
    A Nikon F601.

    I think we need to ask ourselves, do we really need the additional features in the new body? Are they really necessary?
    Are they need to have or nice to have?

    If you upgrade to a newer body, but only use say 5% of the features in the new body, then its not really worthwhile.
    Unless u have $ to spend or ur current SLR body is dying on u...

    Juz my 2cents.


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