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Thread: Olympus Autofocus

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    Talking Olympus Autofocus

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    Arrow Re: Olympus Autofocus

    I've been seeing this Olympus photo in a few forum.

    Looks like this will be just like the Olympus Hokkien advertisement where once in a while, people will put it up in this forum.

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    Actually, beyond the obvious, there a very crafty subliminal effect - viewers eyes IMMEDIATELY focus on the cleavage, alluding to the speed of the E3 AF speed.

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    I have a different perspective with Ad 1. Of course the focus point is the cleavage, and the extras are the guys, who are all focusing on that.

    However, the real star is the guy across the platform (photographer) who manage to take this shot, and capture all the guys expressions clearly, and very sharp too.

    Fastest auto focus.

    This is the kind of pictures I like to take.
    The guys expressions are all very funny and very candid like.

    The old man on the left think oh my god, she should cover herself more in public.
    The young man next to her, on the left, is concerned that she will fall down (top heavy, bending forward).
    The man in suit next to her, on the right is a bit annoyed (but filled with anticipation) and having is phone cam ready (unfortunately not fast auto focus) because his view is blocked by the head and long hair.
    And the guy standing with a book is jealous because all these other men are sitting with a busom babe while he has to stand.



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