I'm looking for a relatively cheap camera (preferably below $500) and my main concerns are
  • 28mm

Right now my choices are Canon IXUS 70 and Ricoh R7. I need a 28mm because I'm heading over to Grand Canyon and I foresee myself taking a lot of scenery pics.

I know Ricoh is pretty famous for their 28mm cameras..but I did a quick sample comparison between IXUS and RICOH..it seems that Ricoh doesn't seem so good on image quality..while the IXUS 70 lacks the 28mm lens. The IXUS 860 is out of the question because it's $600..can't afford it with my poor student status.

Also, if you guys have any other good recommendations like Panasonic Lumix (which I'm totally not familiar with..nor confident in), do list them out! I really appreciate your help! Thanks!