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    Took a photo of my Ceiling Light using a Kaleidoscope. Kept my hands on the photo and did not crop it out to show that I am actually holding the Kaleidoscope. Reason why I did not just show the image of the Kaleidoscope on its own is to show viewer the distortion of my ceiling light taken through a Kaleidoscope.

    However, was wondering how people see this photo in terms of :

    1. My Theme is Reflection. Therefore selected the use of Kaleidoscope to show a distorted reflection. Is this acceptable ?
    2. Composition - Am I leaving too much space on the sides ? I know that I could have kept the entire paper roll tube(Complete roundness) in the picture instead of cutting them off from the picture. Are there better way to compose this picture but yet showing the effect of a Kaleidoscope.

    Do bear with my post processing skills.

    Thanks for your time.

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    i think it shows the theme of reflection.

    hmm, i think just showing the image in the Kaleidoscope is enough, no need to show your hand + cardboard tube to make it extra obvious this is the kaleido effect. I think viewers will be more intrigued by just the split reflections and will pause to reflect and realise the truth.


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