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Thread: bad lense condition..affect image?

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    Default bad lense condition..affect image?

    Hi guys,

    I read somewhere like coating peel off, or light scratch is hardly affecting image taken.
    and even a deep scratch, you can try to fill in the scratch with dark ink and it won't affect image as worse as you think.

    and i see some kind of lense is like happening from the edge of the lense, the coating like peeling..i remember there is a term, it is called 'coating seperation'?..and it is said the condition on the edge of the lense is hardly affecting image too.

    Purpose of this thread is like discussing that a lense that sell cheap because of all these condition may worth to take?
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    Default Re: bad lense condition..affect image?

    Depends on exactly what is the condition. If it's a mechanical or electronic problem, that would affect it's operability.

    Optically - Even a fogged or fungussed lens can be very useful in the hands of a skilled operator. But it will be limited, unless stopping down improves the performance. Also, lenses in these conditions tend to flare - which can be used creatively.

    How cheap is cheap, and what lens were you referring to?

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    Default Re: bad lense condition..affect image?

    mm..i used to think a scratch lense, even light scratch is not worth a look, but after 2nd thought, i feel that a light scratch may hardly affect image. and I read that since older days, people had used 'india ink' to fill those deep scratch to reduce flare, and the black ink won't even visible on image..

    I recently saw a lense with some coating separation at the edges at cheap price..and it is said that the edge may not affect image so may even make perfect image if at higher aperture..

    just to share that a not good condition lens may be a steal..

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    Default Re: bad lense condition..affect image?

    Yup, but most people get paranoid even about a bit of dust.

    But I would be concerned about fungus, because it will spread.

    Doesn't matter - if it's really cheap, grab it.


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