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Thread: I need help with my new camera

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    Default I need help with my new camera

    I've just purchased Fujiflim F50. I'm totally lost with all its functions. I need advise to tell me what are the factors to take a good image in a dimly lighted place with flash. I have no idea what i've done to the ISO.. all my pics turn out BLACK... PLEASE HELP

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    The F50 appears to be quite fully-speced, including shutter and apeture priority AUTO modes as well as full manual control and spot-metering and customisable WB settings.

    Have a read of this review which gives an intro to it's features:

    For a full and in-depth review, including how the functions work and comments, go here:

    If the DPreview site doesn't help, you really need to read the manual to find out how to set either a 'Night' mode with flash, or just shoot on programmed or auto with the flash turned on. Try different settings under different conditions and take note (write down) which settings work best for what conditions.

    Hope this helps some.


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