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Thread: Evening Jazz At Harry's

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    Red face Evening Jazz At Harry's

    Hi guys, just bought my new Nikon D80 and one of the first few shots was this:

    I wanted a sultry, deep & expressive feeling to be felt in this picture. The singer wants to tell his story, share his emotions with the listener and puts his all in deliverance of the song. Telling a story. Painting a picture. And all the seasoned musos in the back are 100% with him.

    Critques on composition,feeling, alternatives and how to reduce noise grain in such a low light environment whilst keeping the sharpness of the image are very much welcomed. Anyway, im Leo, just joined this forum. Cheers!

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    face abit too dark... cant really see... if a bit moe of the face can be seen then i think this photo will be nicer...

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    Yeah face can be brighter.. and maybe try a diff angle too.. right now there's a rod sticking out of his head. Mood is there.


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