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    Just took up photography as a hobby

    Took this pic during my hiking trip. Feel a chill down the spine for a second when i see the darkness ahead .Took this picture and hope to achieve that . Pls comment if the picture can deliver that message and the area of improvement . Thanks

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    This is a nice picture but... to me, it does not acheive the eerie effect that you wanted to show.

    The main subject is the path and although the path leads me into darkness, the path itself is brightly lit, which does not speak of fear.

    Maybe.. if I am the hiker, probably the eerie'ness will kicks in when I am nearer to the "darkness"... I may be wrong though.. just sharing my feelings..

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    You could enhance the "eerie" effect if the passage was a little deeper for the darker side.

    I use to ride the trails of Bukit Timah, and when the sky darkens, boy do every corner feels scary. haha..

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    point noted ..thanks for the comment


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