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    Saw a small dry box at MS AMK for 25sgd..sure fits a body and kit lens. Just another option i guess. =)

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    quick question .. planning to get either the AD 70 or AD 80.

    1. Are the prices controlled?
    2. I checked the digihub website that it also comes with the dry box, does it apply to TK photo or Alan photos?

    Many thanks for your advice!


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    Quote Originally Posted by bomby929 View Post
    $150 I think. Anyway.. u should have got the at least the 50 or 60L one.. warranty is 5 yrs.. and if u are really into this hobby.. 30L sure filled up very fast one.
    From my personal experience, I can relate to that. First it was just camera/lens, then new accessories, then binoculars, then wife's leather handbags, more leather items, the list goes on.

    I wished I had bought a bigger one than my 30L cabinet.

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    just receintly bought AD-100 casue my AD-40 goes kaput.
    service $50 changing parts more than $50 ...

    check this link its on promotion ...

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