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Thread: Which head do u prefer?

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    Default Which head do u prefer?

    Ball head or those quick release pan head?

    Wat are the pros and cons?

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    Default Re: Which head do u prefer?

    Each one has their intended design usage, even though manufacturers generally try to market products with a line extension to increase market segments and sales (e.g., when P&G started marketing Johnson's Baby Shampoo as being also ideal for soft, gentle care of adult hair and scalp).

    Research the design functions of each type or head, as well as user discussions - there is a WEALTH of information out there ... far more than any replies here can reveal.

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    Default Re: Which head do u prefer?

    From Manfrotto website
    A 3-way pan have separate locking controls and rotational movement on each axis - panoramic, front tilt and side tilt, allowing precise framing adjustment.

    A ball head allows movement on all axes at the same time with a single locking mechanism, ideal for faster framing changes.

    From RSS wedsite
    Top quality ballheads can support heavy loads, lock solidly, and move smoothly. All top quality ballheads are faster to use and inherently more stable than any 3-axis “pan-tilt” tripod heads. Aiming and horizon leveling can be accomplished as one instinctive motion, and rigid lockup takes just a quick twist of one control. The best ballheads also offer variable “drag” (tension) that makes them easy to control. Tripods with ballheads are also much easier to carry and pack than tripods with pan-tilt heads—no long, protruding handles.

    Hope the above help

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    Default Re: Which head do u prefer?

    Quote Originally Posted by sin77 View Post
    Ball head or those quick release pan head?

    Wat are the pros and cons?
    In short, ball heads are for faster movements, less precise. Pan heads are for more precise movements but slower to use.


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