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Thread: Fujifilm S8000 or S5800

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    Default Fujifilm S8000 or S5800

    Hi everyone, I'm new to photography, and I'm scratching my head about which camera to buy. The Fujifilm S5800 goes for $399 at the IT Show, while the S8000 is going for $499. I have read very rave reviews about the predecessor, S5700, but I'm not sure if that camera's quality will carry over to these 2 models.

    Do you think it is a worthwhile purchase to get a S5800, especially seeing as there's nobody else using it?

    Just some background information: I currently have a Casio QV-R61, but I hope to start learning about Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, and full manual photo taking with a cheap and good camera. The camera should be able to keep the noise down at ISO 800, just like the S5700.

    Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

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    Default Re: Fujifilm S8000 or S5800

    hi.. where did you hear that s5700 can keep noise down at ISO800? i remember that when i used it at ISO400 the picture quality already starting to get murky..

    if high ISO shooting is what you need in your prosumer.. then look for any fuji that has SuperCCD (not sure which models).. =)

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    Oops I meant to say that the S5700 had the least noise among the cameras within that price range at ISO 800. That was because the other cameras at that price were quite a bit more noisy than it was.

    I just need a camera that can perform at a similar level. I read through the Fujifilm brochures, and the only ones with Super CCD were the A900, S100 and the Z5. All of them have not been reviewed yet

    The S100 is already out of my budget, but if the other 2 of them are as good as the S5700, that would be perfection Thanks for your advice!

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    only the top end fuji prosumers have the super CCD which means...



    look for a used S6500 or 9600 both of which have super CCD's and are extremely good camera in my opinion

    iso performance wise.... fuji is the best in terms of prosumers already

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    Thanks for your help! I actually ended up buying the S5800, though it doesn't have a super CCD, I'm quite satisfied with its performance so far. The bottom line is that my pictures look better than those taken with my old Casio QV-R61. I love the colour saturation of this camera!

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    hello! im new here!
    just to ask if the fujifilm s5800 is good or not?
    and since today is the last day of the it show, is it supposed to be cheaper?

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    I went on Friday, so Audio House was selling it for $399, but I managed to get the guy to sell it to me for $369 with my mediocre bargaining skills. Remember to check the list of freebies you are supposed to get against the invoice that he will give you (if you are buying), because the Varta charger is not listed inside by default. You need to check and make sure you get all the items you are promised.

    Here's some pictures I took with the S5800 (please pardon my poor photography skills, I'm just starting out!)

    Testing the 10x optical zoom on the camera

    A picture of the brochure

    Macro of chanxj's dinner (Century Egg Porridge)

    Testing the ISO 64 performance for macro shots

    Night scene taken by chanxj

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    very nice of you

    hmm im trying to get one at the it show tonight, yes it should be very crowded.
    do u know how much is it selling at the show? should it be cheaper than audio house?

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    That was the price I got from the Audio House booth at the IT Show. Listed price was $399, but I bargained and managed to get it reduced to $369. Alternatively, if you want to save some money, you could buy the S5700, both models are similar, but the S5700 has been out for quite some time, so it may be cheaper. If we're taking the advice of mrhobbit and ssping83, you might want to get a second hand S6500 instead.
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    Hi guys,
    I'm also deciding between either S8000 or S5800. From what i found out, S8000 cannot zoom while in movie recording mode whereas S5800 can. Also, S5800 have auto pop-up for flash while S8000 require manually pressing of flash release button. Can anyone S8000 or S5800 user verify this. Coz if true, then i will rather choose S5800 than S8000.

    Bro pkchukiss,
    For $369 price at Audio House, can share what other freebies were throw in as well? Thks.

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    Default Re: Fujifilm S8000 or S5800

    He got a free 2gb card, a fujifilm bag, cleaning kit, varta 15min charger with 4 aa batteries, a tripod, screen protector and card reader.
    my blog @

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    Default Re: Fujifilm S8000 or S5800

    Hi chanxj,
    Thks for e info. I will drop by Audio House & see if they can offer me the same freebies as well. If not, then probably i will wait till the PC show during Jun.


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