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Thread: old laptop to give away...

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    Default old laptop to give away...

    hi guys...
    i have a really old laptop to give away...
    it's a toshiba 1960ct, i think it's got dx2-50 or 75mhz processor, 20mb of ram, 850mb hard disk, and 8.4" tft lcd.
    it comes with built in fdd, trackball mouse, 3com 14.4kbps pcmcia modem, ac adapter, and a laptop bag.
    a linux os is installed, can't remember which distribution thou...
    batt is deead, but it was working fine till a couple of months ago with the ac adapter.
    my guess is that the ac adapter got broken...
    if you're adventorous enough to want to give it a try fixing this, the laptop is yours...
    great to be used as a linux router or even for simple word processing...
    pm me if you are interested

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    U got pm!!

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    uhm, just to clarify, the laptop is old and not working currently.
    my guess is that the ac adapter is busted...
    you have to be adventurous enough to wanna try to fix the ac adapter, or look for one that's compatible...

    and i just thought of this, maybe if you want it you can donate any amount of money to charity of your choice...
    (inspired by the many generous people out there... )


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