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Thread: NTU Nature Photography Contest

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    Quote Originally Posted by kivcarrot View Post
    One of my friend is a contestant and I think his photo is better. But cannot post cos of sensitive matters. Really disappointing to see such photos in top 10 or they should at least post all the entries.
    kivcarrot - ask your friend not to be too disappointed nor discouraged as I think the level of the competition is too low

    - look at the web site design and you can tell the standard is low (even unprofessional) and if you read carefully there are spelling and grammar errors all over (i think they should at least so some simple editing... what a shame - sad for NTU - hopefully this is not reflective of the standards of students in NTU - hopefully it's just confined to Earthkink NTU & NTU Student Union - ahhh Student Union? Aren't these student leaders? OH NO!!!!! hahahaha)
    - also 1st prize only $300 so maybe that's why attract so many low "normal" shots?

    just wondering... were there rules which said the shots cannot be post-processed or should not be too "commercial" or "arty" shots? or maybe your friend's shot may not have been selected due to some slip up on regualtin requirements - read from an expert who does judging that many times not following regulations strictly can disqualify you straight away... just wondering...

    anyway encourage your friend to not let this get to him but to keep his better shot for another better competition...

    i read a famous Dean of the oldest photographic institute in New York (the judge mentioned earlier) once commenting about competitions that the selections and final results are very subjective and subjected to many factors - his point is that one should not be discouraged if one is not selected because not being considered does not mean you are a poor shot - just learn from the experience and move on...

    anyway i'm really surprised that BMW, UN Student Association, NEA and Visual Arts Society (they ought to check out the website to see how bad the visual design is) are co-partners!!??!!

    i wonder what they will think if they realise the standards of the competition is so poor and the badly run by the organizers...

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    Mine was not selected too...
    But there's always another day and other competitions to enter...
    So cheer up everyone...

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    Default Re: NTU Nature Photography Contest

    This forum is to announce an event or exhibition and not a complain ground or area to garner any alternate views in support of opposing the organiser/s. Please do in elsewhere not here.

    Thread closed

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