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    Hi all,

    Intend to take my DSLR overseas for the first time.
    Would mainly be sightseeing. Would like to travel light but also not want to regret not bring the necessary stuff.

    Using a D40 with kit lense. Thinking if its worthwhile bringing the 55-200? Also, would it be necessary to bring an external flash or the in built flash sufficient.

    Any more advice is greatly appreciated, especially from bros who travel often with their cams.


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    bring camera with kit lens N 55-200(it's not heavy anyway). external flash if u think u gonna flash some wide and far area(sometimes you might need). if u r doing a lot of night or dim light shooting, bring a long tripod. else tripod can stay at home.

    most important is to have enough juices for your camera...... batteries! as sometimes you might not hv time to recharge ur battery.

    bring more memory cards or portable storage for your images.


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