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Thread: Alpha 200 or Canon 400D...or 40d?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nitedusk View Post
    Finally bought my 400D. Figured i should work on my basics and get a hang of everything before getting 40D and better lenses. Plus, i dont have the dough. My dad wasnt really THAT into photography. Lenses are fine and they fit fine too! Only problem is that i read that the EF 100-300mm lens is not that great. I'll work with what i have for now till i save enough to get better lenses and my skills have improved.

    thanks all for the comments and pointers
    Congrats on your purchase!! Hope to see you post more often! Please share your shots! haha..
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    Will do! Heading to Cambodia next week so hopefully i'll get to test out my camera. Still not familiar with the function and how to actually come up with good shots. Practice is the key i suppose. Where shld i post my pictures for comments and pointers?

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    post under travel and landscape gallery. ppl will comment on it. if you want serious thorough criticism, pick only one photo, describe it as required in the critique subforum and post it there.

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