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    First try on this kind of photo. Wanna emphasize the feeling of "Loneliness". I have left a very large space at the top of my toy because I wanna use emptiness to further stand out the thesis. En...wanna ask how to add a stronger story-feeling into my photo?

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    if only what seems to be an "i" in the background is removed, it'll be better...

    nonetheless good job
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    I think you can crop the doll more to the corner. will look more loneliness.
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    The circular tube on the left looks a bit distracting for me...Wld be better if u gave the photo a tighter crop

    Shadow on the top brings out the loneliness of the photo...Nice

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    Like what the above mentioned. I think the soft effect works well in trying to convey the lonely feeling, the glow around the doll also works.

    Try removing the round tube at the side, i agree with the rest they mentioned about the background and placing the doll at the corner. If you want a cluttered background, you can try putting the doll on the streets at feet level, then try a closer shot with people's feet moving by it, think it "might" also convey a "unwanted" or "lonely" feel...
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    yes, the background needs to be cleaner

    i am not sure what post processing is done here, looks like selective orton to varying degrees, but frankly could be anything from lens softness to handshake
    nonetheless, i would prefer more depth of field and sharpness, you do not need the orton effect to bring it out

    the concept might also work better in stark b&w, and heavily desaturated tones.. and i'm sure a bit of vignetting applied tastefully would help to further emphasize the concept you are looking at

    btw, if your idea is strong enough, you don't actually need to put those words there. people tend to be more impressed when you convey the idea without the help of a word or a title. it's amazing but true, i find.

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    Loneliness is a negative feeling right?

    Normally a person would relate soft glow to something dreamy, something fantastic and very lovely - not loneliness. The soft effect does not work for me. I believe a heavy, B&W version would work better for this.

    Some distracting elements: the bar to the left of the frame, and the "i"s in the background.

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    Just giving my opinion, I feel that the tube should be removed as well.

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    I find the use of space here very good. Subject vs Surrounding shows lots of empty space to bring out the lonely feeling.

    However as what calebk has said, the gaussian blur and lighten effect adds a little dreaminess to it. Which kind of strays away from your concept.

    Try a darker sort of processing and see how it works.


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