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    scanned from prints

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    I quite like them, they feel very "mood", and the grain reminds me of those old Chaplin movies. Works for me in a series rather than on its own. Thinking sthg like of a journalistic coverage of a neighbourhood, more nooks and corners, all taken in this same "mood". Then along with some research & text descriptions, can compile into an online "coffee table" book about the neighbourhood.
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    Yes, very lomo. That's a compliment.

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    Agree with zookeeper, very nice feeling, reminds me of my kiddie days. The colours, tones looks superb, when they are in a series. THis is my favourite,

    No clue why tho.

    MORE!! MORE!! MORE!!

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    thanks guys

    but the thing is that now i dont feel like taking any more black and white pictures until i get my own developing and printing stuff (which will take a long while :bsmilie ). cos i was exposed to these things in school and i dont think i would ever be satisfied if i let people print for me.

    and i sometimes feel black and white instills too much of a "mood" and it might be abit artificial so i've gone back to shooting in color

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    What a waste....

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    Well, you shoudn't stop there only! You can try SAFRA photography club? The darkroom usage is free for members and the chemicals are provided. Basically you just need to buy the papers.

    Kepp shooting,
    Danny Ng

    P.S: I like old buildings a lot, too bad they are disappearing due to upgrading and demolishing. Darn.

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    thanks for the safra tip danny, i'll check them out very soon

    and yeah, old buildings are either 'upgraded' or gone so we better go out and capture all of them !!!

    anyway the building here was being 'upgraded' while i shot it and right now it looks brand new. its near round bugis near paradiz centre if i remember correctly


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