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    Hi all,

    any idea if matilda house is still avaliable for photo taking? izzit still accessible? thanks...

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    yeah... wanted to shoot there as well... is it sealed up already?
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    officially, matilda house was never open to public

    but you can still take pictures from the outside

    remember that trespassing is against the law

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    Well seriously, the only way to know is to go there yourself to find out. The way things happen in Sg, if I say last weekend can access, it does not mean this weekend it will be so.

    Anyway, I agree that "accessing" is more like trespassing, so you should really do so at your own risk. Especially in light of the current security situation.

    Be that as it may, it could still be worth it to check it out. The surrounds are nice enough for you to shoot from the outside.
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    The exterior is nice actually during sunset, do observe if you see a malay old man resting among the bushes, he's actually taking a nap and catching small birds.

    Oh, and beware of dogS. A large pack of them. hahahaha
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    just to take this chance to explain about accessing abandoned buildings.

    abandoned buildings are fenced off mainly because

    1. structures are not certified safe for inhabitation. people may get injured by collapsing/exposed structures.

    2. safeguarding structures gazetted for conservation/preservation. we've seen permanent destructions done to some conserved buildings awaiting plans for refurbishment. such destructions may include permanent loss of valuable information/details w.r.t. conservation/preservation.

    there are those who treat these premises with care and respect, there are also those who rampantly vandalise these sites. trespassing these premises is against the law, and we do not want this forum to become a platform for discussing such activities. it's always best to keep photography activity limited to outside of the stated boundaries.
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