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Thread: Caught in the middle

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    especially the stationary subject...
    upppzzzz bro...
    anyway... how to include photos in the thread???
    refresh me pls... TIA
    Muhd Nasir @ nsr182
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    Basically you gotta use the "tags" [img] and [/img] before and after your pics direct link respectively. Try to keep the posted pic within certain size so that download is faster, say use not more than 600 x 400 pixel size... for sample here and perhaps provide a link to your album following if you care to share the larger files with fellow forumers.

    I'm also new and picking tips and advise from the senior members..
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    had chance to play with Oly E3+12-60 f2.8-f4.0 SWD. i must say, very impressed.

    because of the crop factor, 12-60 = 24-120mm equ. in 35mm. a very good range for walk about as well as taking building n landscape shots.

    the IS is build in camera, so what ever you next lens will have IS, even 7-14 = 14-28mm equ in 35mm.

    the flip n twist LCD and live view with AF is wonderful feature to have when shooting in crowed place (eg. saw the guys shooting over head during the chingay). shooting from extreme low angle is a easy too (i am using angle finder, dame difficult).

    low light AF capability is wonderful range in spec states -2.0EV - 19EV, compare to 1DmkIII -1EV - 18EV.

    if you want to explore off camera flash (or slaving), oly sys. can control oly flash using the camera's pop up flash, unlike canon system which require you to buy either

    1) ST-E2 with a 4XXEX or 5XXEX series flash.
    2) 5XXEX flash with another 4XXEX or 5XXEX flash.

    btw, i am a canon user. my advice, save for afew more month and buy that wonderful oly sys.
    photography makes one sees things from all angles.

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