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Thread: 1st attempt @ Zoological Gardens

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    Default 1st attempt @ Zoological Gardens

    Hi All,

    First time trying and this shot was taken at the Singapore Zoological Gardens.

    Shot was taken on EOS 300D with the following settings :
    Shutter - 1/60 secs
    Aperture - F6.3
    ISO - 800
    Focal Length - 130mm
    No Flash

    No editting done on the pic other than resizing, adding border and signature.

    C&C are most welcomed. Please advise on how to capture similar, with more sharper and vibrant colours. Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: 1st attempt @ Zoological Gardens

    Looks like focus is on it's shoulder; should be on the eye. Color saturation is too low. Fence in the background creates a distracting pattern.

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    Default Re: 1st attempt @ Zoological Gardens

    always try to capture at eye level and the best wld be to get a frontal view. only try back view if u want smth artistic but u need a much closer-up perspective. and in b&w.

    try upping the contrast and saturation now.. looks alittle dull.


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