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Thread: Questions of DIY flash diffuser

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    Default Questions of DIY flash diffuser

    hi guys, thinking of DIY a flash diffuser after seeing some members making their own..

    anyway, i have some questions..

    I saw the DIY flash diffuser is using a kind of transparent texture material to wrap up the flash..with opening on top, and also i see the gary fong lightsphere is a transparent texture bowl alike stuff with opening on top..

    so my question is, for a diffuser to work, the purpose is to surround it with transparent material, so the light got reflected, bounced to side, and the opening on top is for bouncing on celling or wall. and the diffuser work mostly when the flash is facing up to celling.

    anyone share their DIY experience? thanks.

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    Default Re: Questions of DIY flash diffuser

    i use rubberband + tissue paper


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