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Thread: Cheap SDHC class 6 cards

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    Default Cheap SDHC class 6 cards

    Hi all;
    Memory World are having sale for their Transcend SDHC cards @ $66 for 8gb class 6.
    however i'm not affiliated with them in any way only posting this as i find it to be a good buy
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    Default Re: Cheap SDHC class 6 cards

    Well.. I will wait for the coming IT show to grab memory cards..

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    Default Re: Cheap SDHC class 6 cards

    I had a bad experience with my (older) 8GB Transcend SDHC class 2 card earlier last year when i went Europe for a holiday where a few of my files ended up corrupted. Lucky for me i shoot raw as well, so when it happened, it hits either one, and the other preserved. Although it did not happen very often, but to me it was bad enough. I switched to Sandisk and never gotten the problem since.

    While i think it is probably a bad sample. but just food for thought for everyone.
    I am in no way affiliated to any card makers as well.



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