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Thread: Where have all the LEICAs' gone?

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    Question Where have all the LEICAs' gone?

    Wonder where are all the post regarding Leica D-Lux 3? Has it been deleted? I have done a search and no search found.

    Seems like Singapore has very little Leica's user as there isn't any discussion forum open for Leica brand.

    I intend to get a SDHC card for this camera as by using normal SD card to save raw pictures, it took "ages".

    Saw in a chinese forum that someone has tried using a 8GB card. Wonder has anyone here tried a 8GB card and what is the brand?

    Otherwise, i intend to get a 4GB Class 6 card (but also afraid that after getting a brand X card, it cannot work).

    Hope that someone here can share your experience of what brand of SDHC card that this D-Lux 3 is "writable" with.

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Where have all the LEICAs' gone?

    Hi, thanks for calling out this, but last post was in Jun 07, nobody mentioned using of the SDHC card.

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    Default Re: Where have all the LEICAs' gone?

    I have decided to try out a Class 6 4 GB or 8GB card during this coming PC show. Will post the outcome here since nobody here ever uses a SDHC card with this camera.


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