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Thread: The death of the XD card ?

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    Default The death of the XD card ?

    Hi all,

    I just recieved in my first shipment of Olympus u850SW camera's and upon opening one up to put on display ........

    It comes with a Micro SD to XD adapter in the box.
    Is this the beginning of the end for the un-liked XD card

    Fuji walking away from XD some models back and only keep it as an option for those people that had already bought an XD card for their last camera.

    Can I assume that, rather than give the new camera an XD/SD slot like Fuji, they believe that the micro SD will dominate

    Any comments ????

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    Default Re: The death of the XD card ?

    i think sd and microsd will become more common

    even cf is being kicked out

    xd was problematic was it not?


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